Thinking Slimmer

Thinking Slimmer Video you can watch

Wow, what a tool to have in your back pocket of weight loss tools. Thinking Slimmer is a 9-minute daily podcast that transforms your relationship to food. This podcast can truly end the diet-fail problem that so many of us have experienced. The series of podcasts works from the inside out to help new moms lose weight and keep it off finally. It is a really cool system of podcast playbacks that improve self-esteem, reduce food addiction issues and help new moms change their relationship with food forever. 

There are three programs on the Thinking Slimmer website that help women and men lose weight. What’s great for new moms is that these can be listened to anytime and frequently. There are no fancy calorie counting, special meals to purchase or meetings to attend. This makes scheduling time to lose weight a snap. The three programs are the Silver, Gold and Diamond. 

The Silver Program includes:

One clinically proven Slimpod (instant download or on CD), yours to keep for life

Personal Handbook and Success Log

Free Thinking Slimmer App for phones and tablets

Access to our fabulous Facebook private community

Weekly live chat in our Slimpod Club